Jindabyne in the high country

Years ago I went to Jindabyne in the high country of New South Wales. I still have very fond memories.

I spent a couple of weeks walking in this lovely area in the high country several years ago. This was a challenging trip.  I ventured to this area to help recover from a difficult work environment. I received a taste of bushwalking and stayed at a little cottage at lower heights and spend many days enjoying the clean fresh air of the Snowy Mountains.  Such a beautiful place to be.

I observed nature; went fishing for trout and thoroughly enjoyed the peace and clean air. I also spent time laying on the various rocks, watching the skinks sunnying themselves. It was warm weather during this trip.

Jindabyne, NSW High Country

Much to my surprise I also achieved some abseiling under the watchful eye of a professional climber.

Jindabyne Rock was okay for me. Not too tough. I must admit that I was exhausted by the end of the day. This climb was mid morning. I finished off the day with short swim in Lake Jindabyne.

Author: MaggieB

My passion is Family History and writing stories associated with my research and photography.

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