Irish 101 & 102



Well, I’m slowly getting used to this lovely language.  I intend to be able to say a few words, greetings from Australia when I’m over in Ireland.

The clock is counting down.  Everything booked.  Just a few last minute details to attend to.  I will be taking a walk with a small group around Eire very soon.

I’ll be taking loads of photographs in Connemara, Dublin, Mayo, Derry, Kilkenny and other places where my Irish families came from.  I’m hoping to go right to the small towns where they lived. Of course, all of them travelled to the new world of Australia, America, Newzealand and one to Canada during the famine times.   This trip will be a pleasure, nothing they suffered.

I’ve booked a literary pub crawl to listen to the poems and plays of famous literary giants – all played out in the places where they recited and acted.  I am also looking forward to visiting Trinity College and viewing the Book of Kells.  You can follow along with me.  I will be posting regular updates.


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Author: magsta1949

My passion is Family History, writing stories associated with my research and photography. When the three are combined it makes for a great book

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