Why I Love History and Family Stories

There is a little book, written by Paul Gallico, named The Snow Goose. The book may be a slim story, yet it contains a wonderful, reflective story.

I read The Snow Goose from cover to cover, over and over again when I was a child. This beautiful, sad story held me captive and I loved both Fritha from the Essex marshes and the reclusive Philip Rhayder. It is a story about love and loss. Its a story about heroic deeds. Its also the story of the evacuation from Dunkirk during World War two.


It was through this little book that i grew to love history and family research.

My grandmother Margaret Mary Bain also loved sharing her stories. She was really my best friend when I was a child.

I believe Family Stories are one of the most important ways to record our History. I have a copy of The Snow Goose on my shelves which I still re-read to remind me about beginnings. It still brings tears to my eyes. My daughter gave me another original copy of the book some years ago.

Fritha brought the Snow Goose to Philip for him to heal. The vivid descriptions of the Essex Marshes are a stark reminder of the landscapes and never ending cycle of nature adding to the story itself.


©Maggie Bain 2018

Author: MaggieB

My passion is Family History and writing stories associated with my research and photography.

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