Going back to Shetland

I took a journey to the Shetland Isles and felt like I had come home.

It was a strange feeling. I had never been to Shetland before this journey, yet here I felt like I’d come home. I felt like i belonged in this special place. Standing on a tall cliff, the ancient burial grounds behind me. I held out my arms to embrace the wind. I met a sea eagle gliding on the air currents. This was a very special journey which I will never forget. My lovely grandmother, Margaret Mary, often talked about the family coming from Unst in Shetland. We don’t have many photographs of Margaret Mary. She was my friend when I was young and I will never forget walking in the garden with her.

Her father Andrew Pennant was born in UNST, at Underhoul.

Margaret Mary Pennant (3)

Andrew was baptised by the Rev John Ingram at Uylesound Chapel. He sailed the world. While researching the Pennant families, I found multiple entries on the Shipping records which provide the names of the vessels with which he crewed. Often, his brother Alexander crewed on the same vessel. Two brothers together, sailing both the North Sea and oceans of the world.

shetland home coming
Family Home Unst ©Maggie Bain 2018

A Shetland come coming is a real family gathering. My home coming evening included fiddle music, lots of laughter, some whisky and generous amounts of food. The homes have extremely thick walls and nowadays the heating is always on.

When you have a chance go to http://www.shetland.org to find out more about this beautiful place.

©Maggie Bain 2018

Author: MaggieB

My passion is Family History and writing stories associated with my research and photography.

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