South Australia Research

I have done a lot of Family Research in South Australia and Victoria.

Towns I have visited while in South Australia include Victor Harbour, Strathalbyn, Lochaber, Naracoorte, the Clare Valley, Handorf as well as walking and trekking in the Flinders Ranges.

Some of the people to whom I’ve provided Family Trees to are the Williams Family and the Cherry Family.  These have all been private publications.  Throughout research of these families, I found extended members who were very interested in meeting their first or second cousin.

Genealogy, Family Research and Photography combines with Photography and Family Story Writing. I have now written several private publications for members of both the Williams and Cherry families.

The Williams families were, and still are, involved in wool production at Strathalbyne and Narracoorte. The families were very much involved in the settlement of these areas and the Methodist Church.

Naracoorte Williams

This side photo is an old shearing shed at their property Viewbank which is still owned by the Williams family. ©Maggie Bain 2017

Naracoorte MethodistNaracoorte Methodist Church Tucker Country 2017©Maggie Bain

Author: MaggieB

My passion is Family History and writing stories associated with my research and photography.

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