Blue Mountains Adventure

This is Kelly country. A place where the Kelly gang hid from the law. The Kelly gang are infamous in Australian history. Ned Kelly committed serious crimes and was hung.

Many caves in this area. Its a beautiful bush area. Many historic towns related to family research here. I took lots of photos during this trip.
I related to the Kelly story. Some of the Irish in my family trees were also involved in wrong doing. A certain John Martin O’Shan………( won’t give his full name here, family will know), salted a mine with a gold nugget, advertised his find, then bought shares in the enterprise. He was caught and prosecuted by the law. I found the evidence of his crimes during research, through court case listings, police gazettes and Trove.
Our John Martin O’Shannassy was named after John Martin (1), a member of the New Irelander movement.

In 1847 John Martin (1) was moved by the Famine to join Mitchel in the Repeal Association. He contributed to Mitchel’s journal The United Irishman, and then following Mitchel’s arrest on 27 May 1848. John Martin continued with his own anti-British journal, The Irish Felon, and established “The Felon Club”. This led to a warrant for his arrest, and he turned himself in on 8 July 1848.

John Martin (1) was sentenced on 18 August 1848 to 10 years transportation to Van Dieman’s Land, now known as Tasmania.

I also surprised myself by enrolling in an abseiling course with High and Wild Australian Adventures. I wanted to add some excitement to my life so decided to give abseiling a go. I must admit when I was shown the final drop, over a sheer cliff, I nearly froze. But hey, I was younger then and loved new challenges. I still do!

Self Portrait after abseil

So here I am taking my self portrait just before this adventure.

Maggie Abseil Blue Mountains

I only took a couple of photos of the abseil, however the following photo after the event will give you an idea about what I had experienced.

What a fantastic experience it was.

Author: MaggieB

My passion is Family History and writing stories associated with my research and photography.

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